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Hydrate or Die Straight (Sticker)

Hydrate or Die Straight (Sticker)

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Are you a chaotic queer person in constant need of reminding that you are, in fact, a human being and your vessel is in constant need of hydration? Or, do you know someone who goes through life as a desperate raisin of a being who thinks energy drinks are a perfectly sound and viable option? Well well WELL. Take this glossy, vibrant, 3.25” tall vinyl sticker and apply it in the most high-visibility spot you can think of, so that wherever you look, you will be reminded handily that your inactions have consequences. Hydrate, or die straight.  Stick them on your phone, laptop, tablet, cup, locker, pets*, kids, anywhere else you can think of, though.

*we do not actually recommend or condone adoring your pets in stickers. Your kids, however, are free game.


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