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Prideapple - Demisexual

Prideapple - Demisexual

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Stand tall! Wear a crown! Be sweet and PROUD! These precious 44mm pins speak to many LGBTQ identities and can be mixed and matched to best suit YOU. Made from fast-growing, sustainably-sourced European birch and digitally printed with high-quality , these pins are guaranteed to last. Using natural (renewable!) resources means using 20 times less energy than hard enamel or acrylic and does not introduce any harmful gases or chemicals into the environment during production. This means you can be proud of protecting the earth while being proud of your identity! It also means that no two pins are truly alike - variations in grain patterns and density mean a unique pin (or pin combo!) no matter what colors you display. Each pin is equipped with a butterfly-style metal clasp. Locking clasps are available for an additional fee. Pins INCLUDE a matching sticker! If you would prefer a different sticker, please indicate which you would like in the purchase notes. Mahalo!


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