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Sticker - Pumpkin Spicy!

Sticker - Pumpkin Spicy!

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It’s fall and the scent of warm spices fills the air and all thoughts are on spooky celebrations and cozy seasonal moments and treats. But, inevitably, you’re gonna have one of Those Days, when you’re just at your wits end and all of your f$&ks have disappeared. What better way to replenish them than with this handsome sticker? Resembling a very popular beverage from a very popular coffee store, this handmade decal measures 3.5” at the top of the cup- or about half of a Doubleshot- and 4.5” total height including straw. Stickers are made from vinyl and feature a UV-protective coating and a moderately aggressive adhesive to help them stay put wherever it goes and protect it from most daily wear and tear. Stickers are available as Regular (Uncensored) and Decaf (Censored). PLEASE make sure you double check your selection when purchasing! Drink responsibly ☕️


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