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STICKER - No Spoons

STICKER - No Spoons

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High-quality handmade vinyl stickers featuring the biggest mood. "No SPOONS, Only KNIVES" represents how you feel when the world has just TESTED YOU to your LIMIT and you have no spoons left in the utensil drawer to give. All that's left are the knives. Butter knife? Filet knife? Carving knife? Paring knife? Even if it's just a butter knife, it still counts. Stickers are rated for 2-5 years of environmental exposure, printed on high-quality weather-resistant vinyl, and are guaranteed to last in a variety of environments for 2-5 years. They will keep their vibrant color and strong adhesive so stick ‘em anywhere - Car, cup, laptop, notebook, kid, cat*, they’ll last! These stickers measure 3.5" tall, and about 5.5" diagonally.


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