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Tattoo Pass

Tattoo Pass

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If you've ogled at a piece of my artwork and at any point thought, "Man I'd love that as a tattoo...", now is your opportunity! I am thrilled to begin offering a Tattoo Pass for any of my art, from my humble Prideapple designs up to the more intricate illustration pieces of more recent days.

It is the honor of a lifetime for an artist to see their artwork
desired in such a personal and permanent way as in a tattoo.

The purchase of a Tattoo Pass involves a bit of communication so please be prepared to reply to a few messages, but in the end you'll receive a digital file of the artwork of your choice and a written and digitally signed permission form via e-mail to present to your tattoo artist. This form will give them permission to place the artwork you've purchased on YOUR body.

By purchasing a tattoo pass, you understand the following:

The Tattoo Pass is not a custom tattoo commission. For commission information, please reach out via my contact page.

The Tattoo Pass is non-refundable. Please make sure you are choosing a tattoo artist who is comfortable using another artist's detailed work and who is comfortable with the style of art being presented. I cannot and will not be held responsible for a bad reproduction or a tattoo artist's refusal to accept a Tattoo Pass.  

The Tattoo Pass is not a transfer of ownership or rights to the customer or to the tattoo artist. You are purchasing the right to reproduce my artwork ONE (1) time, exclusively in the media of tattoo art. Further reproduction of the purchased artwork for any other purpose or for any kind of profit will be a massive bummer and may be met with legal action.

The Tattoo Pass does not grant permission for the tattoo artist to use my art in their portfolio. The tattoo artist WILL be welcome to post a finished photo of the tattoo on their social media with appropriate credit given, but cannot place the original artwork in their portfolio or reproduce the artwork on any other individual without my express permission, in the form of an additional Tattoo Pass purchase.

Finally, PLEASE send me a photo of the final product! Tag me on socials or just email me a photo - I cannot articulate how good it feels to see my art on skin, and I cannot wait to see yours!

Please allow 48-72 hours after purchase to receive your permission form and finalized artwork.  
Thank you for supporting and encouraging my creative process!


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